Saturday, April 17, 2010

Haile Woldetensae (DruE): In His Own Words

Haile Woldetensae (DruE): In His Own Words!

Haile Woldetensae (DruE): an honest leader what Eritrea needs!

Former Foreign Minister Haile Woldetensae explained clearly the political situation between Eritrea and Ethiopia during 1998 the border war.

Former Foreign Minister Haile Woldetensae was one of the G15 members. (G15: Eritrean officials that include ministers and generals that had signed an open letter criticizing the dictatorial policies of President Isayas Afeweki and calling for democrat goverment for this new country Eritrea. Instead the dictatorship President throw the 15 members in prison because they tried to reform democratic and open debate on the country's political crisis.
And they have never been officially charged or brought to trial but they are all dying by torture, climactic condition and medical negligency.

Prisoners death records Prisoners death records up to date

Era'eRo Prison guard reveals his shocking account.............

Haile Woldetensae's

Haile Woldetensae: A Brief Biography.

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